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Entry #92


2017-05-21 16:11:18 by Hikky-Dikky

First up, the bad news; the sole animator quit. In short, he lost any desire to make something as stupid as this. I'm not holding anything against him for it though; we're still good friends. This does however mean that if I want to get this finished, I'm gonna have to do it myself. And thanks to my complete lack of self-discipline with drawing every day, I STILL can't draw worth a damn.

The good news... well actually there isn't really good news. Right now the project's future is pretty uncertain, what with the only animator quitting and me still having no art skills. And to think I was about to announce plans to make it a whole series.


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2017-05-21 19:21:01

If you really want to see your series done,you can start out small and slow.It will take time and you can choose if you want to continue.Another way is to just find someone who will do this in TeamUp!(Movie Portal).