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2017-05-21 16:11:18 by Hikky-Dikky

First up, the bad news; the sole animator quit. In short, he lost any desire to make something as stupid as this. I'm not holding anything against him for it though; we're still good friends. This does however mean that if I want to get this finished, I'm gonna have to do it myself. And thanks to my complete lack of self-discipline with drawing every day, I STILL can't draw worth a damn.

The good news... well actually there isn't really good news. Right now the project's future is pretty uncertain, what with the only animator quitting and me still having no art skills. And to think I was about to announce plans to make it a whole series.

I'm sort of back?

2016-03-23 22:35:31 by Hikky-Dikky

To those who don't remember me (which is probably all of you), I used to be a forum regular. Over two years ago, however, I left. Why? Simple; I hated the forums. I hated them. Don't believe me? Go read through my old blog and forum posts (though I'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't - seriously, I was such a dick back then), in which I constantly vented my anger at the place. But at one point, during one of those episodes, a fellow regular that I also hated, Travis, told me "Okay, do everyone a favor and leave, then." At the time, I just wrote it off as yet another douchey Travis post. But in hindsight, he was right. Why in the hell did I continue to go here despite my immense hatred towards the forum and its community? And it's not just me and Newgrounds, either. I knew people who went to and posted on sites like Tumblr even though they had nothing but contempt for the entire community. And boy did it reflect the things they posted and reblogged. The point is that even though they hated the community's negativity, they ultimately did nothing but add to it. I didn't want to be like that. So finally, one day, I silently left Newgrounds for good.

The forums, at least. I never intended on leaving the site as a whole, since, in all honesty, I love this place. I love the dedication that Tom Fulp and the rest of the staff put into it. I love the near-complete lack of content restrictions. I love how so many animators and game designers became famous through it. I love all the stupid crap I used to watch and play on here as a kid (Zelda dating sim, anyone?). And I'm not being sarcastic about any of that - I genuinely love it. I just hate the goddamn forums.

So why am I back? Because I'm planning on doing actual content. If you look at my last couple of blog posts, one of those details an animated Mickey Mouse porn film called MICKEY MOUSE XXX (yes, the all-caps is necessary). Well after three years, me and that friend are finally getting together to make it. It will be one sexy, sexy video. I promise.

And that's not all. Since last year, I started teaching myself how to draw and animate. And assuming I don't completely give up out of frustration (and believe me, I've been tempted to), you may see even more content from me in the future. I don't know when that'll happen, but I'm excited to get to that level of skill where I can do it.

So yeah, that's about all I have to say. Thanks for reading.

tl;dr I'm back, but done with the forums. I'm making Mickey Mouse porn with some guy, and I spent the last year stabbing a sketchbook with a pencil in an attempt to make halfway-decent drawings.

As you can tell from the length (and description), it's a work-in-progress. I'd love some feedback on it if anyone's willing to give any.

E3 thoughts

2013-06-11 17:56:23 by Hikky-Dikky

So E3 has come and gone once again. Overall it was much better than last year, and here's my thoughts on why.

I'm just gonna skip Konami, Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft's conferences since they had pretty much nothing to show (minus Mirror's Edge 2 on EA's part, fuck yes).

Sony: The February reveal of the PS4 failed to impress most people, and from this it seems Sony has realized that by dropping the motherfucking bomb with their constant trashing of the Xbone and the announcements of Final Fantasy XV and KINGDOM FUCKING HEARTS 3. Those two games alone made them win the show to everyone (unless you're Travis, Tony, or Elixur). Incredible.

Nintendo: Technically this doesn't really count since they didn't have a conference, but I guess a Nintendo Direct could count. Let's see; they showed gameplay for the new Smash Bros (with Mega fuckin' Man), showed off the new 3D Mario game, more information and footage on Wind Waker HD and the 3DS Link to the Past sequel, showed off a sequel to Donkey Kong Country Returns, showed off Mario Kart 8, etc. The announcements weren't as mindblowing as the FFXV and KH3 announcements, but it wasn't bad. And the games all look great as well, especially Smash Bros.

So that's my thoughts. Thank you for reading this complete waste of time.

This is not a fucking joke. Me and a friend of mine recently started planning on making an animated Mickey Mouse porn movie. It'll probably be uploaded here.

To get an idea of how bad it is, there will be a scene where Minnie shoves a cross in her vagina (like in the Exorcist). There may also be a scene where she crucifies Jesus Christ and sucks his cock. I will voice every single character and make no attempt to differentiate their voices. And it'll have a grindcore soundtrack.

This may be the single shittiest flash on Newgrounds if it actually gets made.


2013-04-22 14:33:29 by Hikky-Dikky

Finally got my name changed. Thanks, Wade!

Cannot get a name change

2013-04-21 23:49:07 by Hikky-Dikky

So I've been trying to get my horrible username changed. I contacted Wade about it over a year ago, no response. I contacted Luis about it the same year, and got a response saying the username I chose was taken.

Now, you might be wondering, "what shitty name do you want to change to from your current shitty one?". Well here's a list of names I considered changing to along with reasons why I did not change to any of them;

- Hikaru (was taken by inactive account; also because I don't use that name on the internet anymore)
- Oshawatt (was taken by inactive account)
- Katamari101, the username I use on most of the internet (was taken by inactive account)

Pro-tip; Be REALLY creative with your username because if it's not creative, there's a good chance it's already taken (usually by an inactive account. Mods need to do mass deletions of inactive accounts).

A month ago I contacted Luis and asked him to change my name to Hikky-Dikky (horrible name, but it's the only one I came up with that wasn't fucking taken by an inactive account). No response. Then today I contacted Wade about it. No response so far.

How do people manage to get their usernames changed so easily?

1,000 posts

2013-04-04 19:05:08 by Hikky-Dikky

After almost six fucking years, I've finally broken 1,000 posts. Not that it matters, but whatever.

ur gay

2013-03-25 17:17:12 by Hikky-Dikky

it's true